“When we have finally learned: There is but this INSTANT …”

Every bit of us wants to be living. Every cell of our bodies wants to be alive.
Every cramped finger or toe wants to beam with the golden light of thankfulness, yearns to move with the stream of divine Life.
Every deaf ear wants to open back up to the songs of the living.
Every lame eyeball wants to roll round and round seeing but golden light everywhere.
This is a song from the shores of the living. They truly live, because they have left death where it belongs: behind.
The truly living …

They come from all cultures. Throughout all times. They come from big cities, from little desert villages, from small and big islands, from any shore.
What unites them is their belief in the good, their unwavering, indomitable Spirit.
They are the tough ones and the loving ones and the helpful ones …
Some never believed in the pictures of death, sickness and scarcity from the start.
That’s why they might never have come to planet earth with its topics of limitation at all …
They simply prefer to swim the ocean of love …

Others like us decided to taste from the honey of space, time and smallness. And here we are. So what now?
Once we‘ve lost ourselves, we’ll have to find ourselves. Eventually. That’s every soul’s, every spirit’s goal.

Then, normally after a good deal of learning, lots of catastrophes and tears, finally one day we find what is called a LIVING TEACHER: And if we stay willing, He or She will guide us HOME. Back to the waters of life. Back to the shores of the truly LIVING …

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is one of these Living Teachers. They are here to guide us home, if we so wish …

Then one day when we really have gone through the curriculum they set forth, we ARRIVE!

Once there, we have opened our eyes again and finally begin to see the wonders of LIFE . . .

Having lost our limitations, we start recognizing each other. We become keenly aware of who is a truly Living One – be it man, woman or animal – and who is still holding on to their shrouds. And perhaps we’ll be able to help – and be it just with a smile.

From now on we could shut the COURSE. No need for walking a path anymore. We’ll only turn back for the joy of finding ever more insights and pearls.

From now on most every moment is experienced as what it is:

All guilt is gone and any fear thought that might still arise in our minds will quickly be recognized as what it is and dropped by the power of our SPIRIT. We finally know when it’s necessary to say: NO! Because now we are driven by the divine power of: YES! …

And from now on we’ll just ENJOY being Living Ones too. And to share this one and only true experience with others. Be they near us in bodies … or not.
And we’ll enjoy talking with birds for instance and listening to the news they bring …

There also are some who swim so long and insatiably in this golden, silvery ocean of love stretching in front of their coasts that out of joy they never return. Their welcoming calls however can be heard throughout eternity.