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“Give Him your thoughts, and He will give them back as miracles…”
(A Course in Miracles, W-151)

Then eventually I fell back into the dark pit of depression once again, actually only because of actively overlooking the fact that I had deliberately chosen to fall back in there. When I’m honest, there was this situation where I clearly saw how this happened and why – because of my choice – but refused to do something against it and choose otherwise.

It was not until two and a half years later that I got out of this pit by finally and fervently choosing to be happy – once and for all. Not tomorrow or in a week, but right this very moment. And it worked!

Obviously I had finally found this most precious switch I had been looking for all life long. And slowly but consistently my health situation improved again.

Now it’s not that I constantly bounce around and jubilate, but I do know that at any given moment all the good plus our dear Lord are right at hand and accessible. And whatever dark thoughts and feelings I might experience, I can hand them over instantly to this very Source of ours and find them immediately exchanged by some expression of the gentle and clear high frequency of Spirit.

Thus it proves to be so very wise, what one of my teachers had once suggested:
“God doesn’t have any problems, so just give Him yours.”