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When I realize that my disease has to do originally with myself. Not in the sense of guilt but in the sense of responsibility.

Guilt generally is a wrong concept. For it equates me with something evil that I will consequently feel guilty for. And this will block everything. In this case the easiest solution is to kick all my feelings of guilt terminally into the bin.

On the other hand responsibility means that I am responsible for the disease I experience and thus it is only me who can respond to this matter with a better, fundamentally and firmly loving attitude.

This is step one.

The second step into healing is to allow a higher, good, healing spiritual power to operate, and to trust this power more and more.

What is this higher, good, healing spiritual power? It is the spirit of joy, aliveness and communication. It is not me, who is making this spirit, yet this spirit is streaming – from up above, so to say – through all that I am. And the more that I learn to accept the healing stream of this spirit, the clearer I realize this good healing spirit is not a power different from me but in reality one with my innermost being.

And when, as step three, I silently start wanting to see others that are physically or mentally ill in the light of this spirit too – for they are just as well one with it of course like me, whether they know it or not – then my disease has definitely served its time.

Christoph Engen, April 3rd 2014

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