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The true meaning of forgiveness reaches far beyond simply pardoning other peoples’ or our own wrongdoings. It’s a majestic way of giving up all of one’s treasured, unquestioned beliefs in body, space and time.

We generally hardly ever question our belief to be bodies bound by time and space. We generally cling to this beautiful and yet terrible body-identification leaving us in the end with bundles of loss: Loss of youth, loss of summertime, loss of health. However in the realm of SPIRIT there is no such thing as loss.

So forgiveness actually means to bring all those hidden and treasured beliefs in any kind of limitation up to the surface of our consciousness and to open up to the information we are choosing ourselves to be bound by them!

Then, as we honestly face these beliefs and our holding on to them, we can easily realize, we might just as well let them go! This is the moment when Spirit takes over with all his freedom and power and happiness. And it might not take long until we realize, it is this very same Unbound Spirit we truly are ourselves!

All that seems so very difficult and yet it’s as easy as opening up a hand! What makes it appear so difficult is nothing but our silly and futile love-affair with limitation.

So why not go for our real love-affair with the Divine?

Christoph Engen, November 12th, 2013